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Dam-Water-Foundation Interaction

Quest Structures has planned and conducted experimental investigations to study dam-water-foundation interaction effects and to assess the actual field performance of dams for more than two decades. Our engineers have undertaken in-situ testing of concrete dams, providing excitation with shakers and explosive charges buried in the foundation rock or detonated in the reservoir water. We have used measured responses from such excitations to establish dynamic characteristics of the dam, foundation rock, and the impounded water. We have also used field measurements to verify the accuracy of analysis techniques and modeling assumptions commonly employed in design and evaluation of concrete dams.

The results of such research have led to improved understanding of the dam-water-foundation interaction effects and more realistic estimate of the dam response to earthquake loading. We have participated in experimental studies of Xiang Hong Dian and Quan Shui Arch Dams in China, and have conducted field measurements at Monticello Dam in California followed by experiments at Dongjiang and Longyangxia Dams in China.

National Science Foundation Projects
- Xiang Hong Dian Dam, China
- Quan Shui Dam, China
- Monticello Dam, California
- Dongjiang Dam, China
- Longyangxia Dam, China


Longyangxia Dam, China

Longyangxia Dam, China

Project Team
Project Team
Underwater Blast
Underwater Blast to Excite the Dam


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