Representative Intake/Outlet Projects


BC Hydro
Strathcona Dam Intake Tower, BC, Canada

California Department of Water Resources
- Perris Dam Outlet Tower, CA
- Castaic Dam Outlet Towers, CA

East Bay Municipal District
- San Pablo Outlet Tower, CA
- Sobrante Outlet Tower, CA
- Briones Outlet Tower, CA
- Chabot Outlet Tower, CA

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Eaton Wash Dam Outlet Gate Tower, CA

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Almanor Outlet Tower

Tennessee Valley Authority
Blue Ridge Dam Outlet Tower, GA

US Army Corps of Engineers
- Seven Oaks Dam Intake Tower, CA
- Prado Dam Outlet Tower, CA
- Cougar Intake Tower, OR

Seven Oaks Dam Intake Tower, CA
Chabot Outlet Tower
Sobrante Outlet Tower
Almanor Intake Tower





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